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Raymond Chandler – I’ll have The Works

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Here are the works by and about Raymond Chandler that I will be reading from and posting about.

[Note: These works are not linked to an Amazon Associate account.]


chandler early works large

Works by Raymond Chandler


chandler early worksRaymond Chandler: Stories and Early Novels [Pulp Stories; The Big Sleep; Farewell, My Lovely; The High Window]

  • The Library of America, c. 1995, seventh printing, ISBN 978-1-883011-07-9
  • Available on Amazon


chandler later worksRaymond Chandler: Later Novels & Other Writings [The Lady in the Lake; The Little Sister; The Long Goodbye; Playback; Double Indemnity; Selected Essays and Letters]


collected storiesRaymond Chandler: Collected Stories






chandler later works large

Works on Raymond Chandler


chandler biography large

Raymond Chandler: A Biography by Tom Hiney

  • The Atlantic Monthly Press, c. 1997, first American edition, ISBN 0-87113-690-2
  • Available on Amazon


the long enbrace largeThe Long Embrace by Judith Freeman

  • Pantheon Books, c. 2007, first edition, first printing, ISBN 978-0-375-42351-2
  • Available on Amazon


something more than night largeSomething More Than Night: The Case of Raymond Chander by Peter Wolfe

  • Bowling Green State University Popular Press, c. 1985 ISBN 9-780879-722937
  • Available on Amazon


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