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A word about #rereading (a new series)

I’ve always figured that I have a book addiction. I just never intended to do anything about it. However, the flow of books in and money out has finally brought me to a peaceful truce with my mania. I have not bought a book for six weeks, and I intend to stay this course. I […]

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Here’s why Chandler

The first order of business is a brief examination of the why question. Why Raymond Chandler. I like the reason that Ed Asner gave Mary Tyler Moore. He picked up a copy of Chandler’s short stories and read her the first paragraph of Red Winds — There was a desert wind blowing that night. It […]


From the Dept. of Self-Promotion

Jon Rieley-Goddard, co-pastor, will do a reading from his newly published second novel, The Double Daily Double Murders, on Sunday, Dec. 16, at the Environmental Cottage of Riverside-Salem United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ, on Grand Island, New York. Jon read from his first novel, The Mystery Man Murders, last December after the book came […]

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Three book lovers’ books

Mention Paris in the title, and I probably will buy the book. That’s a promise. The word book itself will get my attention. Describe a bookshop of vast proportions, with a resident population of birds flying in the dusty distance, with shelves towering over my head, and you will be my friend forever. Three authors […]


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