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A word from The Author

our cat bella logoMy name is Jon Rieley-Goddard, author of the books in the Grimoire series. Here is where I will be telling you why you might enjoy my books. I certainly do.

grimoire hat logoI am a writer, photographer, and minister living in Buffalo, New York, with my wife and three cats.

Buffalonya, however, is my name for my town.

Buffalonya, which rhymes with bologna, gets at the free and breezy treatment my town gets in the media and in the minds of many if not most persons who have never lived here or visited.

So far, three novels in the Grimoire series are in process — The Mystery Man Murders is out there; the second novel in the series, The Double Daily Double Murders manuscript is out there; and the third novel in the series, Operation Next of Kin, is 3.476 percent finished (ask Goose about the progress on this front).

Novels one and two stand as the fruits of two years plus of daily blog posting. Somewhere in the early stages of the third novel, Goose had what frankly amounts to a flash-freeze meltdown that shows only intermittent signs of renewed life.

However, Goose was born ready to talk, so I am giving him his head and thinking good thoughts.

For a map of that territory of daily blog posting, you can go here. Just be sure to come back. Leave breadcrumbs or follow mine, or take out that box labeled Pieces of String Too Short to Save and knot yourself up a lifeline.

I don’t post to that blog anymore but maintain it as proof that I was a busy little SOB.


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