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About the author’s first novel

our cat bellabig version of book coverI was embarrassed that my novel, The Mystery Man Murders, has been out since late 2011 without any noticeable reviews.

A few months later, I decided to do something about that.

I tweeted.

I know, it does sound lame, but at least it was a communication that did not start and end inside my head.

Text follows.

Friend told me that he stayed up all nite reading my novel. Another said it reminded him of Woody Allen’s movies. I say it is clever, dense.


In a year of tweeting like a bluejay, I never have been re-tweeted by more than one person at a time. Everyone has been polite to a fault, taking turns and not cutting ahead. This time I got two RTs. Never mind that one of them was my wife, because once again, for once, there was activity outside my own head.

In my learning about self-publishing, I came late to the understanding that if I give you a copy of my book in hopes of your giving me a review on Amazon, say, you may get nothing but trouble if you try to post a review of my book.


My brother-in-law filled me in on the irritations that ensued for him when he tried to post a review of my novel on Amazon.

You can read his review here.

Taking arms against this sea of troubles, I offer a mock-up of a tribute page to run in the front matter of my next novel, The Double Daily Double Murders

What others say about The Mystery Man Murders —

  • “If you were to see the world as it approaches rather than as it simply passes by, I heartily recommend you get Jon Rieley-Goddard’s The Mystery Man Murders … .”
  • “My son loves Thomas Pynchon, Maybe he would love your novel.”
  • “Your book reminds me of Woody Allen’s movies … the dialogue.”
  • I would say that my novel is clever and dense.
  • “… halfway through your book and loving it.”
  • “I like the puns and wordplay.”

Readers on Amazon are saying —

No brag, just fact.

If you want hyperbole, you need to go to Amazon’s Marketplace listing for my book. One seller offers my book for$114,99, another for $888.00 straight up. Both of these describe my book as BRAND-NEW! One seller wants the new-book list price for a used copy. Let the buyer beware.


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