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our cat bellaAs a paperboy, a college newspaper editor, part-time reporter, English major, copy boy, reporter, longtime copy editor, book reviewer, webmaster, preacher, and minister, I have been involved in one form of communication or another from my youth. I add now to this list some other roles — writer, editor, publisher, and blogger.

In all that I do, for you the reader I seek two things, to instruct and delight.

I have published a novel that seeks to share a love of wordplay, dealt by a crew of interesting characters and a generally reliable narrator. If you like books that might come under the heading of clever and dense, you just  might enjoy my genre-bending mystery story about a tribe of over-the-hill spooks who run a used bookshop called Caspar’s Books and That. I’m three books into a series titled Grimoire – the Bros Grim Breakfast Serial – a story in pieces.

After looking around the print-on-demand competition and buying a bunch of typo-riddled eBooks, I started a book on grammar and usage for writers like myself who seek to do most or all of the many jobs of independent print-on-demand publishing. I’ve been adding weekly to the manuscript and posting here. My POD publishing effort is BaldyBooks.

Another way I seek to delight you is my photoblog. I post a black-and-white and a color photo daily, from the streets of Buffalo to the surrounding countryside and many bodies of water in western New York.

I live and play and work as a minister in Buffalo, New York. My wife and I are owned by three cats — Chica, Bella, and Slava.

Blessings and peace.

I’m on Twitter —

Other interests –

* Building backyard boats in Buffalonya

* Sermon audio


My novels are available in trade paperback format, as a Kindle file, as a Nook file, and in all other eBook formats at Smashwords.



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