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*Hunger Games* is capital but not capitol

I’m reading the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy, and I already can see that I will be writing a glowing, flattering review.

But before that, there is one negative thing that I want to discuss.

Once and once only.

The books in the trilogy consistently refer to the story’s capital city as the capitol. The correct word is capital.

Capital refers to a city, such as a city where a legislature meets.

Capitol refers to a building, such as the flagship building where a legislature meets.

It follows that one can tour the capitol in the capital.

Author, editor, and publisher, please make a note of this.

You know who you are, so I won’t say your names.

I usually admire consistency, but in this case the repeated misuse of capitol, where capital would be correct, erases any admiration I have for consistency in this case.

And since The Capital is central to the Hunger Games story, the error occurs all too often.

There is a related question, given the possibility that one or more of the three persons listed above might not know of the commonly agreed-upon distinction between capital and capitol.

That is the who-cares gambit.

This gambit always ends in a stalemate.

Let us not go there.

The writer of the Hunger Games understands storytelling. She understands the quirks that define people. Would that her trilogy also demonstrated an understanding of the roots of the words that tell her story for her.

I’m done with this.


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