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What does that mean ‘… for writers …’?

our cat bella logoA book for writers would look like this, I suppose.

Or maybe a book for writers would resemble a book for readers who have written and who will write again.

don speaking logoRepeat offenders.

So far, in addressing this question — for writers — I have told the truth, but that makes little or no difference, to me or to you, in my view.

Okay, then, let us go at the question this way:

What does a writer seek?

What does a writer seek to avoid?

That gets us closer to the point.

Short of my slipping your computer a clever cookie and monitoring your digital life, I am guessing here. Even if our keywords match and our libraries have significant overlap, and my wife and your girlfriend get together once a week for coffee (with an executive summary of topics covered, from my wife, on my desk by close of business), and I somehow can inhabit your skin and can jack in to your brain, I’m still guessing.

I’m guessing at what matters to you, a writer who is just like or sorta like or not at all like me.

▪ ▪ ▪

Given the challenges of sentience and the unreliable, unruly nature of letters and words, to say nothing of sentences and paragraphs, I resolve to write about my hopes, my dreams, my fears, and my experience as a writer, editor, and self-publisher.

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