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I have a number of projects going, so I have decided to give you an overview.

I am, specifically,  a writer, photographer, and preacher — a storyteller, in general.

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My projects – #rereading

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06March13 – I’ve always figured that I have a book addiction. I just never intended to do anything about it.


rereading logoHowever, the flow of books in and money out has finally brought me to a peaceful truce with my mania.


I have not bought a book for six weeks, and I intend to stay this course.


I have stopped buying books, which means that I am free to read the books that I have on hand. For as long as I can remember, I have impulsively dreamed up research plans and purchased the books I imagined that I would need. Such dreaming is the work of a moment, and with the help of Amazon and single-click fulfillment, I have a number of piles ready and waiting for my attention.

My projects – Books in review

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Ijon books in review logo write the occasional book review.


It is something like a busperson’s holiday, I suppose.


However, could you imagine a writer who does not read?


(For a contrasting sort of book review project, try my #rereading page.)

My projects – Grimoire spy novel series

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I have published two novels in a series I call Grimoire – the Bros Grim Breakfast Serial.


grimoire hat logoThe series features a gaggle of over-the-hill spies and associates who run a used book shop, Caspar’s Books and That, in the northern reaches of Buffalonya, a Rust Belt city rough equal to Buffalo, New York, and getting even less respect.

My projects – House of Verbs

our cat bella logoHouse of Verbs, Don speaking,” he said to the backshop guy on the internal line. “We have a special tonight on adjectives … three for a dollar.” Don was one of the more playful News Editors that I answered to in fourteen years of copy editor work on daily news-papers.


House of Verbs. I was looking right at Don when he picked up the phone. Two things were apparent.don logo


One. He had an odds-on chance that any caller on that line would be not only a member of the International Typographical Union but also a backshop printer who knew Don. Don liked to laugh.


Two. Don made up his patter on the spot. I could see it in his eyes. House of Verbs was a one-time inspiration.


But here it is, and here he is. And here I am. And you, the most important person of all. The reader.


House of Verbs. Open again, under new management.


My projects – My candid camera

squirrel-scurries-under-picnic-table-bw-650x866jon the zombie

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I post a color pic and a black-and-white pic daily to my photoblog and mirror those pics on my Flickr account.


I take a lot of photos around western New York and further afield when my wife and I travel. I like life in my photos; rarely will I post a pic that lacks a person, animal, or fluffy cloud face. I especially like to take candids.


On this web site, I highlight a photo of mine every now and then in the posts.


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