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    A war novel with the right title — *The Absolute Zero*

    My dad did not like to talk about his wartime experiences. This was a problem for me when I was a child of 7 or 8 or 9. Not because I did not understand his refusal, but because it was not convenient for me. I wanted the thrills and spills. What I got was my […]

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Response to climate change – some assembly required

I just happen to serve two of the best churches ever. One church gathers in a village, Gaines, just north of the Erie Canal, in Orleans County, in western New York. Persons of sometimes differing beliefs on both politics and religion form a small but glowing group that really does earn the often said chestnut […]

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*Hunger Games* is capital but not capitol

I’m reading the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy, and I already can see that I will be writing a glowing, flattering review. But before that, there is one negative thing that I want to discuss. Once and once only. The books in the trilogy consistently refer to the story’s capital city as the […]

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*The Accursed* offers many blessings

I can eat shelled peas with chopsticks. In fact, that is my preference. For lunch, right now, I am eating a bowl of fried rice, with chopsticks. So is it any wonder that I enjoyed reading a 600-page-and-more novel about a medley of interesting themes served up by a deliciously unreliable narrator? That was a […]

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Hello again – Raymond Chandler’s *Farewell, My Lovely*

Continuing my rereading of the books of and about Raymond Chandler, I turn to Farewell, My Lovely, the second novel to be published (1940). The plot moves on the story of Moose Malloy (and his one-time, some-time girlfriend Little Velma), a smart cop, a dump cop, and enough concussions (all sustained by Philip Marlowe) to […]


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